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Preroll contract manufacturing
cannabis processing
and co-packing.

From raw material sourcing, packaging design and production, material blending and formulation, scaled production, retail packaging, and testing & assurance, we can help you develop and produce the right product fit for your brand’s vision.

Preroll Manufacturing done right

Not just a machine, but an entire manufacturing process

Experienced Operators

Our operators can make real-time adjustments to compensate for inconsistencies in raw material for a consistent end product

Microbial Treatment

Systems to ensure strict product compliance

Unique Product Differentiation

We create a unique product offering with enhanced taste and aromas.

Proprietary Systems

Preparation of raw material and process control provides solution to stickiness and packing inconsistencies.

Highest Throughput

Providing the best production machine on market

Packaging Automation

System to package products to ensure freshness and shelf life

Precision Preroll Manufacturing at Scale.

Quality means doing it right, even when no one is looking.

Leaflettes Inc. was founded with a simple idea – a hassle free one stop solution provider. Pre rolls made by hand or pre made cones stuffed by hand are inconsistent and burn unevenly, causing a bad user experience. Moreover, new or old companies lack the know how to scale. Making pre rolls are very labor intensive. Let us take care of it. With our manufacturing knowledge and technology, we are able to produce consistent pre rolls every time. From concept to retail ready product, our team of experts are here to help you throughout the whole process. With our skills and experience in manufacturing whether limited or mass-produced products, let us help you scale at a fraction of your production cost, while you focus on what matters most for your business.

Product differentiation is key
in a crowded market


Leaflettes Inc, with its patent pending technology, is more than just a technology company. We provide added value services across the whole manufacturing life cycle. We can facilitate in all aspects to build your product, such as different paper options, custom printing on the pre roll, even custom packaging solutions in as fast as 3 weeks. From sourcing the biomass or packaging for you, to developing new products such as infused pre rolls with different extracts, to aroma enhancement of the biomass through our own unique methodology, there is a solution for your needs.

Services Provided

White Label

Customers can choose to use our products with their own label.

Aroma Enhancement

Infuse different terpenes into the biomass.

Private Label

Exclusive private label options for the more demanding customers.

Extract Infusion

We can develop new pre rolls that are infused with different types of extracts.

Quality Control

With our decontamination process, we can significantly reduce the microbials existing in the biomass.

Contract Packaging

We not only can source packaging for you, but to package your product from bulk package to retail ready. 

Contract Manufacturing

With our diverse array of cones, papers, tipping papers, filters, there will be a solution fit for your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Hassle Free

One-stop shop solution from Concept to Product, supply chain, packaging, design

Fractional Costs

Our fees are cheaper than clients’ internal production cost

Resource Efficient

Frees up client operations and resources to focus on more valuable business operations

Type 6 Manufacturing License

Process and manufacture products- preroll, edibles, vape/extraction

Distribution License

Transport and distribute products statewide.

Licensed by CA state as statewide cannabis operator

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